Madison Wisconsin

Charter Cable TV Listings Madison Wisconsin

How crazy is it that the Wisconsin State Journal posts their TV channel listings sorted by the Channel Number and not the Channel NAME?

It is incredible that, no matter who I bring this up to at the Wisconsin State Journal, they just do NOT see my point that "Nobody looks for a channel number. They look for the channel name. For instance, how do I find which channel number to tune to for the Sundance Channel? According to the Wisconsin State Journal, I have to start at #2 which is WBUW - CW and go down the channel number list, which is in numerical order, being careful to read each one, until I get to #173. Ah! Only had to go through 172 different channels to find the one I am looking for. Don't pay attention and you could miss your channel and either give up or start over again. Why in the world don't they list the channels alphabetically by NAME. We all know the alphabet. Just go down to the letter that you are looking for and there is your channel. It boggles the mind that this is not standard operating procedure. I can't believe that I live so close to so many "smart" people, with a major Big Ten university and the state capital and nobody is smart enough to sort a TV guide in alphabetical order so people can actually find what they are looking for. Am I living in an alternate universe? Maybe.

The channel listings, linked below, are, to the best of my knowledge, on 4/15/2014, up to date. I will not be updating these regularly but will when I do it for myself. Use it at your own risk.

Charter Cable TV Madison Wisconsin Channel listing alphabetically click here.